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The Lancer Evolution has one of the most Mod-Friendly ECUís available in a newer car, however if you want to push the envelope you will need to step up to either a piggy back or complete standalone ECU. Some have often thought that flashing the factory ECU is a cost effective way of tuning your cars stock ECU, but we tend to disagree with this idea do to a few reasons. For one the EVO is a fun car to modify and who has the money to jump in all at once and buy everything that they want as far as high performance parts and just bolt them on and go for a quick flash. No one does, we like the idea of stepping up part by part. Buy a few parts bolt them on enjoy the car when you decide you want a little more then buy a few more parts and continue the joy of modifying. Using a simple piggy back computer like the Apexi S-AFC 2 will give you complete control over your cars fuel enrichment. You can lean out or add fuel as often as you like with a unit like that not relying on a tuner who has no idea of what your car has on it or worse lives out of town and comes only once in while to tune a large group of people.

If you have past the limits of the basic performance upgrades (Boost controller, Air intake, cams, and Exhaust) it might be time to look in to what you want out of your EVO. If the plans for a small turbo and larger injectors are in your future we suggest the TurboXS Utec controller. It gives you quite a few more options than the SAFC by giving you total control over the wide open throttle function allowing you to tune for larger injectors, alter timing maps, fuel maps, and even give you a 2-step rev limiter for those all import drag launches, all this while still enjoying the everyday use of the factory ECUís rev limiter and cold start functions.

Now if youíre going all out with your EVO then its time to invest in the system that controls every aspect of your cars engine. By changing out your stock ECU with a Stand Alone leaves you in total control of Timing, Fuel maps, Injectors, Rev limits, 2 steps, boost control, Nitrous and on and on. A Stand Alone is not a toy for the everyday tuner it requires quite a bit of tuning knowledge and should be set up first by a professional. There are plenty of great tuners around the country and most are always willing to fly out to setup cars at a cost. We highly recommend this when you first start out. Once you have the base maps you can easily make changes to the Stand Alone when the time arises. The list is really endless with what you can do with a Stand Alone ECU in an EVO some cars have picked up 50-60 hp by just switching to an AEM EMS and a quality tune. Whether youíre buying a Motec or going with an Apexi S-AFC 2 you can count on to have the best value for your dollar.

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Cobb AccessPort for the Mitsubishi Evolution X
See details
Cobb AccessPort for the Mitsubishi Evolution X
SKU: cob-ap-mit-002

The AccessPORT provides owners of 2008 USDM Mitsubishi EVO X vehicles the ability to unlock power hidden within the factory ECU. Performance gains across the entire powerband can be quickly realized in the short time it takes to flash the vehicleís ECU with the AccessPORT. No tools are required. ...

Our price: $695.00

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HKS Twin Power DLI - Universal
See details
HKS Twin Power DLI - Universal
SKU: 43001-AK001

Looking to increase the spark on your Evo? The HKS DLI is the way to go. It offers the Evo the best bang for the buck, with its ease of plug and play installation this unit will increase spark. This is a great unit for those wanting to run higher than 22psi of boost on the stock turbo. It is a MU...

Market price: $475.00
Our price: $419.99 , save 12%

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Omni Power 4 and 7 Bar Plug-and-Play Map sensor for the evo 8 and 9.
See details
Omni Power 4 and 7 Bar Plug-and-Play Map sensor for the evo 8 and 9.
SKU: omn-4bar-evo

Omni Power USA 4 & 7 Bar Plug-And-Play MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensors for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 8 and 9. These are state of the art bipolar op amp circuitry with thin film resistor networks built into each micro chip. Pressure changes are calculated on a true linear 0-5 volt s...

Market price: $139.00
Our price: $109.00 , save 22%

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